The Top 8 Reasons to Visit Miami

Relax on South Beach

Florida Real Estate offers various alternatives, thus many people buy vacation homes here. South Beach should be explored first.


Miami may be best known for its Latin food, especially its Cuban cuisine, but there is also an abundance of other exotic and traditional culinary delights around the city.

Art Deco style

Miami's Art Deco in neon lights, which makes you feel like you're in Havana, looks better at night since it highlights the neighborhood's charm.

Design District

Miami Beach is known for visual kitsch. This region is fully shown during Art Basel in Miami Beach. Over 1,000 artists, including celebrities, exhibit at this art expo.

vibe of Little Havana

Fidel Castro or recline in a rocking rocker on a Mediterranean-style veranda with Cuban cigars and Latin music

Shopping on Lincoln Road

Another area you can explore on foot is Lincoln Road, Fifth Avenue South. Countless cafes, clubs, shops and cultural centers stretch all the way from Washington Avenue to Alton Road.

Museum & Gardens

You can stroll forever around this incredibly poetic "museum" villa. You can hide from the heat in gardens with fountains built in a French-Italian classical style.

Miami Children's Museum

Visit the Miami Children's Museum. Visitors of all ages will enjoy a platform with 12 interactive exhibits, a mosaic-tiled sandcastle, and a genuine television studio.